Travel throughout the Island with SMRT

The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system is just about the fastest way to obtain around Singapore besides taxis. Besides being one of the cleanest transport systems on earth, the MRT provides scenic views of our heartland and city areas, with great usage of almost all of Singapore. You can download the train route map for a whole listing of train services and utilize it to navigate your way around our island.

There’s a bunch of ticketing schemes centered on stored value smartcards to suit your preferences – from standard one-time travel tickets to tourist concession passes. Stored value cards, locally referred to as ez-link cards, can be purchased from the TransitLink Ticket Office located at selected MRT stations, and standard value tickets may be purchased from General Ticketing Machines (GTMs) located at all MRT stations.

You may top up your ez-link cards at any Transitlink Ticket Office or GTM using cash or NETS. The minimum top-up value is S$10 while the maximum stored value allowed in your card is S$100. You may also choose to get a Standard Ticket that may be used here up to six times within 30 days from the date of purchase. A S$0.10 deposit is more info needed and will soon be automatically refunded through click here an off-set against your third trip.

Singapore’s train operators have got various steps to make sure accessibility read more for wheelchair users, families with children in strollers, website the visually impaired and those travelling with luggage or large packages, ensuring that all your preferences are well looked after when you access the trains here.

With about 2.4 million riders each day, taking the Singapore MRT is among the most popular kinds of transportation for both Singaporeans and visitors alike. It is cheaper than having a taxi, and navigating the subway map is never as intimidating as it might seem.

Although hailing a cab in Singapore is relatively inexpensive when comparing to most major cities, taking the Singapore MRT is a great solution to trim your transportation expenses and conserve money while not feeling like you’re sacrificing safety and comfort. And in a world-class city like Singapore, costs can accumulate FAST.

Using mass transit and walking is a wonderful method to quickly learn your way around Singapore. The town is very safe generally speaking, so if you should be willing and able, go ahead and walk the excess block here or so to the nearest metro stop across the corner.

If you’ve never taken the Singapore MRT, don’t worry; it’s easy to use and an easy task to learn. Follow these tips and you will be using the Singapore subway system such as a local in no time.

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